About Automated Test System Service

Our real Tests upgrades the education to the next level:

Real Tests is one of the most important services that provide better and faster channels for direct exams in addition to the relatively low cost compared with other forms of tests.

OptiExams Tests Administration System (TAS) has the objective to manage all aspects of Exams affairs in an efficient manner. The dynamic nature of the computer programs necessitates a dynamic TAS application. OptiExams TAS adapts with the different updates applied to the program, and guarantees that all data and results are maintained irrespective of changes. Our TAS applies all the quality assurance standards set by any academic foundation, which respectively reduces manpower needed to manage the test operation. Our TAS ensures efficiency.

TAS manages the following tasks:

  • • Candidates information
  • • Results
  • • Certificates Test Sessions
  • • Candidate Registration Numbers
  • • Purchase Orders

Why use OptiExams TAS?

  • • User Friendly
  • • Secure Ensures
  • • Multilingual
  • • High Performance
  • • More Accurate

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